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My Least Favorite Class My Freshman Year

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The class that I like the least my freshman year is government, not only did I find out after half of the semester that I did not need the class I found out that I could not drop the class because I had to have 12 credits for my financial aid to cover my classes. I was so mad at my advisor for putting me in a class that I did not need and putting me in a situation that I could not do anything about. So I finished the class and ended with a low grade because I did not enjoy the class. I did not like the teacher he made a lot of squiggly lines and boxes and circles and I need words not just random drawings on a dry erase board and that was not even the worst part I told him that I couldn’t understand his way of teaching and he told me to do the best I can so I think it’s his fault that I didn’t do well. I also got the book to the class to find out that he don’t teach out of the book so I paid for it for no reason, he did not teach anything out of the book which is where I turned to since I could not understand him. Then I could not understand a word he said his accent was so bad that I had to stop him several times and question what he was saying. My least favorite class in my freshman year is government mainly because of the instructor.
One thing I have changed for next semester is picking my classes myself and telling my advisor what classes I will need to take. I have also done research on my instructors to see how everyone else rated them and how their classes are. College is supposed to be a good experience for everyone and having a class or instructor that you do not enjoy makes a semester miserable and now there are ways to find out how the classes and the instructors are so hopefully everyone knows about them and can enjoy their experiences in college and make learning enjoyable...

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