My Least Favorite Gender Of Music Is Rap

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The music that I like the least is rap music. Whilst it may add some small positivity to the world mostly it’s based on hate, disrespect, money, misogyny, violence, anger and an almost all encompassing negative worldview. The performance forces are many and varied. Drums, keyboards, bass, synthesizers and turntables are common. Many use samples of other artists work and incorporate them into their music. In fact sampling is rather common in rap music. Which isn’t bad as long as it adds to the work. But sometimes I think it’s overused or used to lessen the work that needs to be done for the piece.
Gangster rap music as a genre seems to be almost 100% self-serving in every aspect. The genre seems to have become extremely formulaic as well. Almost as if the forms of the past were obliterated and replaced with a new for in which performers sing about how tough they are, what they drink, how badly they treat woman, how much money they make and waste, and who they hate. It is rare for someone to step outside of the formula. Perhaps Mos Def and maybe Immortal Technique are some examples of “good” rappers but even they seem extremely negative in most of their singing. Not that everyone needs to sing about chirping birds and the lilies of the valley but the music is mostly so downcast it’s hard to feel positivity after listening.
I think one of the things that feeds all the negativity in rap is that people seem to want just that. I’m not sure what is says about society when Lil Wayne has the most number Billboard 100 hits of any artist. Ever. To me his music just sounds like someone mumbling their way through to a paycheck. An example would be his song “Love Me”. It has over one hundred million views on Youtube. To me it is a tremendously bad song on many levels. I find it pretty disturbing that people look up to Lil Wayne. What good person would support anything like this? Some might say that it just reflection of….. And then they would put other words there that have no relevance to anything. The song is a reflection of what people will pay to hear and...

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