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My Left Foot: The Accomplishments Of Christy Brown

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Since his birth on June 5th, 1932, Christy Brown had to dig himself out of a hole, using only his left foot. Faced with Cerebral Palsy as a baby, he was thought to be mentally challenged, and no doctor could do anything to help. His disability was the backbone of the many problems in his life, such as his alcoholic father, a poor lifestyle, as well as some social issues. Growing up, his only hope of someday being recognised as a real person rested within his mother. Although, after drawing the letter A for the very first time, and proving himself worthy to his father and many others, he would have to accomplish a lot more, often alone, to become who he is known as today. These accomplishments are the result of Christy having overcome the many obstacles in his path, and they have brought out the best in not only him, but those around him as well.

Christy's first obstacle was perhaps the most important. He had to somehow show that while his body was of no use to him, his mind was. There was a glimmer of hope within the Browns when Christy first took that piece of yellow chalk from his sister's hands. "I looked about me, looked around at the faces that were turned towards me, tense, excited faces that were at that moment frozen, immobile, eager, waiting for a miracle in their midst." With much effort and encouragement from his mother, Christy succeeded; he had drawn that "single letter A". He had carried out the burden that had been resting on his shoulders for years. For him, that letter, drawn on the kitchen floor, was a gateway to more mental freedom, and, to a method of...

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