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My Legacy Essay

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“It's the wanting to know that makes us matter.” This quote in Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia, inspired me beyond my years of wisdom. I have used this quote at least once in my writing every year, because it inspired me to leave my legacy through writing. I write of what I want to know, of what I want to change, of what I believe, and one day a collection of my writing will be all that’s left of me, and it will allow me to still matter, even when I’m gone. Although my writing may not be equivalent to Tom Stoppard’s, I am slowly progressing towards obtaining strong writing skills. Writing in English 1101 this semester has taught me to dive deep into stories, to work on my organization and grammar, and most importantly, to remind myself that I write to leave a legacy.
There have been many changes in my writing over the semester, from the first capitalized letter of the piece down to the last period. A specific change I treasure is my quality of depth in my writing. Like an artist’s paintbrush, I believe it’s the key component to any piece of work. When I first wrote at the beginning of the year, I added depth to my writing with my infrastructural beliefs and perspective, rather than analysis and strong reasoning. In my first piece for this class, I wrote a narrative on the effects of terrorism on the Islamic community. I expressed what I was shown, “The students acknowledged that their understanding of our faith was constructed off the information written in their secular textbooks. They only knew of the history documented in those textbooks.” Though, I did conclude this statement to be true through analysis of “what” and “who,” I overlooked the details of “why” and “how,” which could’ve better supported my writing. I truly understood this concept when I wrote my analysis paper on World War Z. I was forced into creating a habit for analyzing every detail, and supporting my stands in all manners.
Though there were great changes in my writing, there are still areas that need improvement: organization, and grammar. For me, when I sit down to write, I get so excited and start buzzing with a million ideas. It’s almost like opening Pandora’s Box, but being half-blind; you know you’re holding the Box of Pandora, but can’t make out what it is that you’re actually seeing....

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