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My Life As A Lesbian Essay

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What I Already Knew
Looking across the dinner table at age 7, I remember wishing for what my cousin had. She was holding hands with the love of her life, and had never looked happier. I remember thinking that someday, I would have someone who loved me as much as her fiance loved her, and once I had that, I wouldn’t let anything get in the way of it.
Later that night, we were looking for wedding dresses, overly excited that we got to pick two, not just one. We sat for hours talking about what color the bridesmaid dresses would be, and we listened as the happy couple told us of their dream honeymoon.
I wasn’t completely oblivious, I knew that it wasn’t considered “normal” to marry one of the same sex, but I didn’t know why people were so against it. Without good reason, I decided that what other people thought didn’t matter. As long as my cousin was happy, I was happy.
My cousin wakes up every morning and brushes her teeth. She works, ...view middle of the document...

If America was all about equality, why were gays being deprived of the rights that they deserved? Being American is about having the right to be who you are. How is this any different? Finding the answers to these questions would help me try to understand why people are so against gay marriage.
The Story of My Search
I decided to start my research by a personal interview with a relative who is in constant contact with my gay cousin. My cousin offered a few great quotes, but nothing that helped me understand the other side of things. I decided to contact a close friend who feels very strongly about gay rights. Like my cousin, she gave me some insightful quotes, but I realized that I needed to search somewhere that was going to give me unbiased information.
I searched the online web next, coming across many websites that shared useful information about gay marriage laws being passed and declined. The forth website I checked had a useful Pro-Con chart, that offered some new information that I hadn’t seen before. All in all, I was able to see the other side of things, but I do not believe that I will ever agree with those people.
The Results of My Search
When I first interviewed my relative, we first discussed how happy my cousin has been since her marriage with her wife. Then, I asked him for his thoughts on gay rights. His response was “You’re entitled to your own opinions, unless it affects someone else’s happiness.” (Siegel). Asking him to go into depth about it, he said he would never understand why people felt that gay marriage affected them. If the gay person is happy, no one should be able to take that happiness away from them.
After speaking with Noah Siegel, I was still curious for another opinion. I called in a close friend from Atlanta to get a quote on the matter. “In my opinion if you say you don’t agree with gays getting married but you ‘have no problem with the lifestyle’ you’re a homophobe. You can have as little of a problem as you want with how they live, but as soon as you deny someone the same opportunity you have because of their sexuality, you’ve crossed into bigoted, homophobic territory.” (Peters). Peters explained how strongly she felt on the issue, and spoke of a time when she lobbied congress for gay rights.

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