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My Life Changing Journey Of Serving At Mel Trotter Ministries

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Have you ever been called by God to accomplish a task that you never wanted to do, or even go so far as to not wanting to even think about it ? Last year, in the Spring of 2013, I was called by God to do his work that I honestly did not want to have any part in doing. The service project would involve myself using my God-given ability to accompany the troubled men at Mel Trotter, located in inner city Grand Rapids, while they sing. I usually get nervous before performing in front of others because I would fear making a mistake, looking foolish on stage, or forgetting the song even though the music was right in front of me. However, God was not going to let my nerves get the best me. He ...view middle of the document...

They don’t have a piano player and we think you can accomplish this.”
My dad entered the kitchen and confirmed that everything my mom said was true. After minutes of trying to convince her and my dad that I couldn’t do this, they finally budged and said,
“You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. However, we strongly suggest that you think and pray about it.”
At that time, I knew the answer was no and I felt that I wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore. However, after minutes of thinking and a short prayer, I came to the conclusion that I would do this. I felt a sudden nudge from God and I could tell that He was going to use me as a blessing to the troubled men. Happily, I marched into the kitchen with confidence and told my parents that I would be doing what God has asked of me and they were overjoyed that I was giving it a try.
The day had finally arrived and I was nervous beyond belief and already had thoughts of backing out. Throughout the entire school day, all I had on my mind was Mel Trotter. Thoughts such as, I’m definitely going to mess up or forget my song, went through my mind. Whenever I second guessed myself about playing, I always remembered what my piano teacher said. She said, “Always remember that you are playing for God and that’s all that matters. He couldn’t care less whether you make a mistake or not. Give it an honest effort and he will be pleased.” This greatly comforted me when I thought about backing out of this event.
My dark and gloomy attitude before Mel Trotter quickly shifted to a bright and content attitude as the events at Mel Trotter played out. Finally, after hours of anticipation, the group arrived at my house to pick me up. As I watched the scenery fly past us during the silent car ride, I realized that there was no turning back and became filled with anxiety. After what seemed like for hours, we finally arrived at the shelter and were greeted warmly by the men with, “Hello’s” and “How are you?” I was greatly impressed with the attitude of the men at Mel Trotter. However, my attitude turned into devastation as I walked into the sanctuary. The sight of poverty and troubles filled the room and I suddenly realized that...

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