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My Life Essay

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Trevion Ramsey

My Life Essay

My liife I would describe as insane, crazy, complicated, accomplished, and blessed. I have lots of things to write about but let's start with my beggining childhood. I can remember when I was just four years of age and standing next to my cousin when he "accidentaly" shot my mom. I just remember hearing this loud (bang). Next thing I know I heard the car stop and then everyone start screaming. From then on out it was just a big blur. The funny thing is that I can remember my aunty taking me to the hospital to see my mother but I would not go near hear because I was scared of all the medical supplies and the staples in her stomach. Yeah I know, crazy right? I ...view middle of the document...

Until my grandma talked me into riding the rides at the amusement park we went to. I eventually lightened up then started participate. Although, for most of the time I really didn't want to do anything. Although in the end I just have to say I had a blast. Next, I would just like to mention the fact that as a kid I would say I was the unordinary one. Why? Because, instead of being the kid who liked sports, and talked to people, hungout with friends and the normal. Most of my time was spent downstairs, across the street from my grandma's or in the back yard playing church and acting like I was famous. Now that I am grown up I now know that everyone was listening to me and enjoyed me singing. Honestly, I wish I could go back to those roots and that age and re-live it for a moment. I also used to play school on saturday or go yard selling with my grandma and oh how I miss those days. It was the most awesome fun I had. Yeah I had friends and was popular at school yet, I never wasnted to hangout with anyone. Sure we would call eachother on the phone and talk but that was about it. I guess I liked my space it wasn't like we never seen eachother everyday at school or something. Again, I was the awkward one here! In short summary I have a pretty good childhood. I'm still trying to decide if the good out-ways the bad it's the opposite. No I didn't have a perfect childhood. From having things happen to me, to having both parents walk out and leave me to raise my two siblings was very hard. Having to survive on my own just at four-teen and taking care of a six and three year old...

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