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My Life From Fourth Grade To Seventh Grade

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My life from fourth to seventh grade so far has been great! I started going to public school, playing sports, and making lots of new friends. It all started at the beginning of fourth grade…
The night before my first day of school in fourth grade was literally my first night before school. I had been homeschooled my entire life and was excited to be able to finally see what school was like. My teacher was Mrs. Holmes, she was one of the nicest teachers I have ever had. This was also the year that I started playing sports. I took Softball, Basketball, and Dance. My best friends came to be Brinlee, Baylee, Oaklee, Megan, Myka, and Lindsey. These were my best friends all through elementary.
In fifth grade the next year, I got Mrs. Holmes again along with Mrs. Smith as my teachers. Mrs. Holmes and her husband had just adopted the baby they had been waiting for; because of this, we had a really grumpy ...view middle of the document...

O.V.A. We got to just sit and learn about how bad drugs are and other things like that. We would get to do this every Friday and would get out of doing stuff for the hour. One time we even got to wear drunk goggles and try to kick soccer balls!
There was one down side to N.O.V.A. though; we had to write an entire paper on what we learned in N.O.V.A. and how we were going to use these principals in our lives. Once we had turned in our paper, we were eligible to graduate elementary.
At graduation, all of the parents got to come and watch. I got an academic’s award from the president for my good grades.
That summer, I started taking tumbling at Extreme Action Athletics again; this time I was on the team. This means that I would get to compete at competitions and be able to go there a lot more as well.
To add on to tumbling, my family and I all got Lagoon Season Passes. Instead of spending our entire summer at the Roy Aquatic Center like we usually do; we spent all of our time at Lagoon. When my cousins and grandparents heard that we had got them, they decided to get some as well. I was so much fun!
After summer, the most horrifying thing of my life happened; I came to junior high. We have so much homework every night it’s not even funny! My first semester schedule was these teachers in this order: Porter, May, Rhees/Murray, Cook, Remy, Unck, and Owens. My second semester classes and teachers went in this order: Porter, Parslow, Murray/Shelton, Jones, Remy, Owens, and Tippets.
Along with school, I also get to go to tumbling a lot. Our competitions started in January and just ended a week or two ago. I won second place in the entire state of Utah on the tramp for my age and level! I also got a score of 24.0 on the tramp so now I get to move up a level! Plus I just got my back tuck on the ground so I can probably move up a level on floor!
In conclusion, my life has been great all the way up until now. I love tumbling, and am on the Extreme Action Athletics tumbling team. I love school, but not the homework. I am a straight A student and am in Honor’s Math!

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