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My Life History Of Physical Activity

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Since around the age of twelve years old, my two brothers and I were obsessed with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and obtaining a physique similar to his. We were always checking the fitness magazines lying around the house for any tips to help us achieve our fitness goals. My father had a barbell, some plates and a couple of dumbbells scattered in our basement, so that’s where we began our quest. Also my aunt gave us her Bowflex, after my uncle had passed away. My first exercise was the barbell biceps curl, although I don’t recall how many repetitions I started out with. Eventually I learned more exercises to include different body parts that I was originally neglecting. Within a couple of months, ...view middle of the document...

I wanted to become a model myself, the idea of becoming famous, and getting paid for exercising sounded really great. As much as my exercising regime was up to par, my eating habits weren’t. I was regularly utilizing the school gym; however I decided to get a gym membership at LA Fitness. I was probably exercising about five days a week, 3 days of strength training and 2 days of cardiovascular exercise. At that time, I exercised chest and triceps on Monday, thirty minutes of steady state cardio on the treadmill on Tuesday. I also exercised my back and biceps on Wednesday, cardio Thursday, and then legs and abdominals on Friday. The beer parties did my body no justice, when it came to reducing my body fat levels. I believe I went from 15 percent body fat to around 18 percent. During gym class, we played soccer, and volleyball, but I really wasn’t into sports in general anymore, so I didn’t play as well as the other students wanted me to. Over the course of high school, I have switched from gym to gym. By the time I began college, I settled at Bell Plaza Sports Club in Bayside. A couple of blocks away from that gym, there was a yoga and tai chi studio, where I attended for about a year straight. I gave both of those activities one hundred percent, and the instructor noticed that, and asked me to teach both eventually. I politely declined, as I was more interested in the benefits I would receive from participated as opposed to teaching it.
I was attending QueensBorough Community College, when I realized that I should become a personal trainer. I was sitting in a nutrition class, and was speaking to a classmate and he mentioned that he was a personal...

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