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My Life In A Short Paragraph Jk I Just Need Access To The Site St Paul's Physivs Reaserach

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UCAS Personal Statement
“Learning never exhausts the mind”- Leonardo da Vinci. I am thoroughly in agreement with this powerful statement made by one of my favourite historical characters. Throughout my life I have always possessed a passion for learning. It is this passion which will increase my effectiveness in the ever changing computer industry. As the technology industry is always progressing, my enthusiasm for learning will keep me up to date and closely affiliated with the current affairs and dynamic paths the industry takes.
My interest in computers first surfaced at a young age and has grown with time. When I received my laptop some years back, not too long after it was purchased, I began to operate the laptop and I was immediately hacked by an unknown individual who claimed to be a Microsoft employee. This event made me wonder how I could prevent cyber attacks from occurring and set up firewalls to block future attacks. Computing brings the world together. With the expansion of the computer and technology industry the world is now a global market. This industry is a universal medium through which people from all over the world can share and create ideas. I realise that the world’s future depends on, and will be heavily influenced by this sector of education. Furthermore, I have always been fascinated by science fiction and the potential of computers in general. It’s this sort of love for the industry that led me to choose the above stated course.
In school as optional choices; I studied physics, economics and applied maths. I chose to study economics purely because I wished to know how the modern business world worked. Why the world is at the state it’s in now. This curiosity of how the world operates is vital in computer science. By understanding how the world works and knowing the gaps in the market, I will be able to tailor my ideas and innovations in the technology industry towards these areas where supply is low. From studying economics I have learned how to think laterally. I have always been interested in the concept of logic and how it enables people to think critically. From my research of the concept I have...

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