My Life In France By Julia Child

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Julia Child created the most influential cookbook in the history of America. In her book, My Life in France, one message she sends about the nature of goodness is that hard work, persistence, and integrity pays off. Julia displays this before, during, and after the process of creating her cookbook. Before, in her cooking classes, Julia did not back down from any challenge, even when no one believed in her. During, Julia worked harder than she had ever worked. And after, Julia and her co- authors Simone and Louisette, never gave up, even when their cookbook was rejected by their publisher. She was the definition of an underdog, but she prevailed, and came out on top. Without her persistence, ...view middle of the document...

She was overjoyed to be able to put her cooking classes to good use after the difficulty she had previously experienced. But when she created this cookbook, she had to work harder than she had ever worked before. The recipes were tested until blisters covered her hands and many sleepless were endured. Her husband was not allowed to talk to her when she “was intensely occupied every minute and remain truly bowled over at the intensity and detail with which you have analyzed, broken down, and reconstructed every process in full minutiae” (Child, 236). For someone who truly loved their husband and despised the small print of her typewriter, this was a very hard thing to do. Even for someone whose dream it was to create this cookbook, she could not help but hate this part. She even found herself once yelling at Simone “WHY DID WE EVER DECIDE TO DO THIS ANYWAY?” (Child, 227). Simone was a good friend and business partner of Julia’s, and she never would have imagined she would be screaming at her. Making this cookbook was a taxing experience, but when it was done, Julia only regretted not trying harder.
Julia Child displayed integrity throughout the course of publishing her cookbook. She had been confident that her cookbook was gold, but this confidence was soon shattered. Julia, Simone, and Louisette sent their book out to many publishers, but only Houghton Mifflin responded. Their hopes became very high, for the reality of the book being...

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