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My Life In India Vs Life In The Us

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I arrived here in the United States last year. There is a huge difference between a life in India and a life in the United States. The United States is more technologically advanced than India. So, one can see the reflection of this in life style. Both life styles differ in family, every day life, economy, etc.

        The big difference I noticed was the family. In India, a person stays with family all the time. Generations live in one home and they stay together. Relations to other family members are kept close and social life if very necessary for survival. Where as in the states, many kids find their own way as soon as they are 18 years old. Many families lack the relationships that are needed to keep the family together. Family members rarely see each other.

        Economy makes a huge difference in the way of life. Many families in India go through rough time just making enough money to survive. The social life is a required part of life and that takes up good amount of family time and money. Although kids inherit from their parents in India, it is hard to make living. The social life is a fun part if one has or makes good amount of money to socialize. Wedding and other functions are huge. For example, my wedding had two thousand people attending it.

        I have noticed that the news channel here always shows the poor side of Indian life. Which is huge population, pollution in big cities, and illiteracy. There are more to Indian life than that. People are warm hearted and respectful to others. A typical Indian family now has a TV, a refrigerator, a transportation, etc. It is hard to drive in India but after while one can get used to driving like crazy. The huge population in India makes life difficult for everyone.

        Indian family stays together and one of the advantages of that is in the later life, the elders are taken care by the family members. On the other hand, many elders here in the United States are left alone in the last phase of life. This does not conclude that the elders have good life in India and not in the United...

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