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My Life In Town And In The Country

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For ten years I lived outside of Bernice, Louisiana, in a small country community called Evergreen. With the population of 1,655 people. In 2009 I moved to Shelby, North Carolina, a town of 9,848,060 people. Where I lived for five years. However, because of recession in the economy and work. The city life and the country life is constantly getting smaller. There are many different similarities in transportation, class size, and offerings, technology and resources and student-teacher relationship. I will describe several different things below in attending these different colleges.
The first difference is transportation. There was bus services to and from college for ...view middle of the document...

Third was resources for the student. When I was attending Cleveland Community College, they offered student’s classes day time, nights, and even on weekends. Which helped me, when I worked full time at Walmart’s this helped so I could attend college at my convenience. While I was attending Cleveland there was more tutors available at your request. While at South Arkansas Community college they don’t offer night or weekend classes or tutors when you needed help in your assignments. It’s harder to attend college at South Ark and work full time, because of their courses they don’t offer to the working students attending. While I was attending Cleveland their library was opened for a longer period of time each day. While South Arks library hours are shorter which means less availability for the students use.
My student teacher relationship at Cleveland was poor, because of the larger enrollment of students. So there was less help with my questions and understanding the assignments. While the student and teacher communication is excellent at South Ark, the class size is much smaller so there is more time for the student and teacher...

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