My Life Story About How I Had A Bad Life English Essay

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My name is Conner i was 16 when all this started happening. This is the story of my life. 
When i was just a little kid my real dad was abusive to me and my mom. I would hold my 
feelings in and would let them out on other kids at school and would get in trouble at school. 
Why didn't we leave him i don’t know? Maybe because my mom was afraid my dad would kill 
her or me. I got suspended from school several times my sophomore year in highschool. My 
mom finally left my dad and we moved to a different state we were living in Ohio now we live in 
West Virginia and she found a new boyfriend and he was also abusive not to her but to me and i 
took my anger out on people at school and got suspended and just stopped going to school and 
was hanging out at a place called the Golden Shovel. I met a couple of guys i don't remember 
there names but they were going through the same thing as me and we started smoking and 
staying out late and getting in trouble with the cops just about every other night. My mom did 
not know where i was at nights and i would not come home for a couple of nights at a time 
because i knew if i was to go home i know i would get hit by my step dad. Me and my friends 
would hang out at the Golden Shovel and we would play pool and we would whistle at some cute 
girls walking down the street. Sometimes we would get yelled at by the owner of the Golden 
Shovel owner because we would be yelling and fighting with random people and giving money 
to people to buy us a beer while we were playing pool. My favorite type of music was jazz. When 
i was 17 i dropped out of school and never went home i was always staying at a friends house i 
called that home because his parents were ...

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