My Life Vs Life Of The Poor

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The life I now have and the life I am glad I do not have are different in terms of the things I have. I am very thankful that I get to choose the things I want just like someone less fortunate they get to pick through donated items. Despite the fact that most of their items are used they still get what they need. If there is ever anything I need I know there is help out there in the same way as to someone less fortunate.

The shelter I have now compared to someone less fortunate is that they both provide safety and privacy in the living environment. I live in a house that I know I am safe in. I have privacy in my home which makes me feel very safe. Someone less fortunate may live in a shelter or mission where a bed and or a room is provided for free and is a way to be safe off the streets. My home provides me with warmth and dryness. I have heat and blankets to keep myself warm. Someone less fortunate may have a roof over their head to keep them warm and dry, but they may not have blankets or any electricity.

Unlike me, someone less fortunate may get used clothing items. I feel very blessed that I have clothing to cover my body in the same way as someone less fortunate. Being able to have clothes to put on is comforting to me. I feel more safe having clothing to cover my body, knowing that someone is not looking at me in the wrong way. We both have clothes to keep us healthy from becoming sick. Someone less fortunate might have clothes that are too small and or too big....

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