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My Long Process Of Becoming A Fccla State Officer

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I never thought I would someday become a role model to nearly 12,000 Missouri high school students. These students are not any ordinary students; they are members of an organization that is truly the ultimate leadership experience. This organization is known as the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) and is a student led organization, based off of family and consumer sciences education. FCCLA has given me unbelievable opportunities! But of all of the opportunities this organization has provided me with, serving as a FCCLA state officer has definitely been the best. However, becoming a state officer wasn’t easy and required a long process.
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My top priority while preparing was writing and practicing my two speeches. One speech had to be thirty-seconds long, and the other had to be two-minutes. Both of these speeches had two different topics, which were chosen by the FCCLA state advisor. Writing these speeches was a challenge, but the minute I had them written, I knew I had to begin practicing. I practiced both speeches several times a day, for many weeks. I gave the speeches to my family members, classes within my school, community members, and everyone else in between. After all of this practicing, I could say both speeches in my sleep! But just because my speeches were prepared, didn’t mean that I was ready for the conference. I still had to study for another FCCLA knowledge test, which would be much more difficult than the test given at regional elections. I studied day in and day out for this test. My friends and family members would spend hours with me, quizzing me as much as possible! After spending these many months preparing speeches and studying FCCLA knowledge facts, I knew I was more than ready to run for a state office at the State Leadership Conference!
This was it- April was here and the State Leadership Conference had arrived. It was now time to take part in the many elections activities. My first activity as a state officer candidate was to take the FCCLA knowledge test. I was extremely nervous for this test, but I once again took it with ease! After taking the test, I quickly found out that I had scored a one-hundred percent! The second day of the conference rolled around and it was time to give my well practiced...

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