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My Macbeth Essay

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What would the world be like if no one felt guilt? If no one ever caught caught for their crimes? In Shakespeare's novel, Macbeth, the main characters commit crimes driven by their ambition. After committing the first crime Macbeth, the main antagonist is overwhelmed with guilt. His wife, Lady Macbeth plotted the first crime and was the main force pushing Macbeth to kill. In the end Macbeth is charged with the truth and Lady Macbeth kills herself both brought down equally from guilt. Guilt and fear of being found out causes anxiety and slow disintegration of the subconscious which leads to psychosis and therefore, because of insanity causes confession of crimes or suicidal thoughts.
According to the Medical Health Foundation, anxiety is a common fear based on the possibility of something going wrong in the future (“Fear and Anxiety”). In Macbeth many of the character experience anxiety. They both are scared that someone will find out what they did. Fear and anxiety can be very traumatizing, also excessive worry can become so irrational that people cannot think clearly or focus on reality (“Physical Effects” 2). This is important because when people begin to lose their grip on reality they also slowly lose their grip on humanity. That leads to them doing things that they would not do with their right mind. They become more insane the longer they do not have a grip on what is actually going on. People with anxiety often have irregular sleeping patterns and do not get much sleep (“Fear and Anxiety”). When people lose sleep they get cranky and lash out at people, becoming more sensitive than usual. This sensitivity will affect how emotional they will get, and how they may react. Lastly, if excessive worrying goes untreated, it will lead to depression and suicidal thoughts (“Physical Effects” 2). Anxiety will lead to depression. Eventually after feeling constant hopelessness most people will kill themselves so it will be over. Overall experiencing to much fear will result in loss of sleep, not being in touch with reality, and eventually depression and suicide.
Another feeling that circulates through the novel, Macbeth is the feeling of guilt. Guilt is the pain people experience when they choose to act in conflict with their conscience and belief (Marron 1). Everyone has felt guilt after doing something they considered wrong at or after they had done it. Guilt is a large force that pushes people to confession their wrong doing and crimes. Guilt is a lingering pain that one feels after going against their subconscious until the confess. People describe this feeling as a “bothered conscience” and it is made to be that way. People feel guilty when they feel responsible for any action they regret (Barker). When we do something we know is wrong we regret it and that regret is what stirs up the subconscious and makes someone feel bad. That regret is the starting source of all guilt and can drive people to have shame. Shame is a feeling that emphasizes...

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