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My Math Teacher Wanted Our Class To Write An Essay On A Job And How You Use Math In It.

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In daily life, students ask the question, “When are we ever going to use Math”. Not all math teachers have the answer to that particular question. In order to find it, look at the jobs you want to do when you grow older. In my case, I would like to be a Physical Therapist. Physical Therapist’s use the knowledge of different varieties of math. They use math in certain areas as in when a patient needs to regain his/her mobility back, and their range of motion.
Physical Therapy helps patients to regain and maintain movement and functional ability throughout their daily routines. It includes provisions of services such as circumstances where movement and function is threatened by an injury, process of ageing or disease. Physical therapy is a health care specialty which treats disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the interaction with movement. It specializes in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The ultimate goal in physical therapy is to restore full functional independence to each patient. For patients to achieve this goal, things such as physical exercise, heat, cold, and massage are utilized.
In order to regain and maintain ones movement and function, they need a physical therapist. A physical therapist is a licensed professional who works with people that have sustained impairments or limitations in their physical function. First, a physical therapist must examine a patient’s past medical history and then test their strength, balance, coordination, muscle performance, and motor function. Physical therapists work in varieties of places, such as, hospitals, clinics, out-patient facilities, schools and nursing homes. In order for them to get a degree in physical therapy one must know the basics of math. These math courses are calculus, statistics, physics, chemistry, kinesiology (which is the study of movement), therapeutic modalities and goniometry. These kinds of math are important to know if your a physical therapist. A physical therapist shares the...

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