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My Definition Of Success Essay

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“Success is the peace that comes with knowing your accomplishments have purpose.”
– Hutch Putnam –

Success is a word that really hard to define, because everyone will have a different definition for this word. In fact, there no exact definition for the word "success". For a student, maybe the success means to pass all courses of the semester; for a business man, signing a importance contract and get a lot of money are successes; and for a president, leading the country to develop and make the people have a better life are success. For me, I also have my own definition for the word "success". When I was a kid, I really want to be a scientist, but after I become mature, my thinking has become more mature and my definition of success also changes. I think the success is not only to be a kind of person or to get some things, I think people should do more things for being successful. Now, I think to be successful include four aspects: achieve the dream, have a good living, have the power to control your free time to do your favorite thing, and to be use; if you can achieve these aspects, you are being successful.

The first aspect of success, achieve your dream, is one of the most important things to be successful. For most people, achieving the dream is the most important thing of the life. Someone wants to be police to protect the people, someone wants to be doctor for helping people, and also have some people want to be the scientist to invent the new thing. Most people will have this kind of dream since they were children, if the dream can be achieved, it should be a kind of success. And I also have a dream follow me when I was a child in elementary school, I want to be a businessman. And I think the businessmen who own a big company were successful, this is one of my definition of success. I have this kind of thinking because my parents are businessmen. When I was a kid, they just told me a lot of things about the business, and I'm also very interesting about that; at that time I already know Bill Gates, he is the richest people of the whole world and I think he's the most successful people on the earth. He is very famous in China, and Bill Gates affects my thinking about the success. I want to start my own business, I think to have my own business is a success. If I only can work for others, I think I can't do anything I want and will never be successful, the boss will always command me to work for him and get more money to him. In the article, "Someone Is Stealing Your Life," the author also maintains that the employer and the employee are not equal, the author mention that "if the people who do the work don't own any part of the product and don't have any power over what happens to their enterprise - they are being robbed." (Ventura, 254) The author said most of the employee are robbed by the employer, I agree the author's view and I think to avoid this kind of situation I have to start my own business for being successful, and this is...

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