My Metaphor Essay

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My Metaphor Essay

Metaphor is the language of poetry, emotion, and a part of everyday life. Without metaphor one could not verbally express deep emotions. Therefore, it is one of our most important threads of language. We could say that it is like the prime component of our DNA. I've once heard someone say that metaphor was the beautiful language of the gods and angels only to be expressed by poets and musicians. I say it is a gift the gods have given to us so that we could express our everyday emotional lives.

I believe that poetry is the language of our dreams. When we try to write a poem we are trying to manifest or conjure up deep-seeded feelings like we do when we dream. Sigmund Freud theorized that this is what dreaming actually is. To Freud, dreams are metaphors for our deep feelings and thoughts. For instance, sometimes when we dream the imagery comes to us in bits and pieces that make it undecipherable to comprehend. When we wake up and try to understand our dreams it's like putting together a puzzle. This is what metaphor does for poetry and (of course) for our language. Metaphors work to conceal meanings to express the very meaning being expressed. For example, in the poem called "Pitcher" Robert Frances uses metaphor to compare pitching with poetry. "His art is eccentricity, his aim - How not to hit the mark he seems to aim at," is describing what a poet tries to do when he or she writes poetry. Robert is stating how a poets art is unique and how a poet “veils” his word meanings with the usage of metaphor. Yet, words must not be too unexplainable. It must be almost unexplainable. Robert Francis goes on to say, "Not to, yet still, still to communicate - Making the batter understand too late," as if to make the reader get hit on the head with its meaning.

On page fifty-seven of our textbook there is a definition of metaphor so perfect that I must quote it. It explains metaphor this way, "Metaphor is a vital principle of all language, but it is especially important in poetry. If metaphors grow like weeds - in ordinary language - poets cultivate them, extend them, and combine them to make new hybrids that ought never occur in nature but are exotic and exciting in those formal gardens we call poems." It may sound too fancy for some people but I can relate to it because I am a poet. I could picture myself as a gardener of words. Metaphors would be as flowers that have come to be my happy children that I have raised and gloated over. Presently, I can see that the paper I am writing is wrought with metaphor.

It is not that metaphor is so much a mystery, but rather it is a clue to the mystery being solved. In the poem "Inscription Facing Western Sea" W.S. Merwin writes a poem expressing a war of the sea on land. One would think that the fight is between the sun and perhaps the beach. Yet, that does not fit either. What is ordinary and straightforward is usually the right interpretation of a poem. One must not look at every...

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