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My Military Career Essay

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My Military Career
I, Pedro M. Blas, born in Lima, Peru, I came to the United States around the age of twelve years old. Growing I did have some obstacles until I enjoyed in the military. During my years of my military career I went to countries that I never imagine. Everything started on 1999, I was working with my brother in law as a helper truck driver, and everything was fine until the end of my working shift. The owner of the company call me at the office explaining the situation of the company and he since obligate to cut some hours and give layoff to some workers. At that time I knew what was next, in my though I was saying, “wow!!! I’m next”, so during the meeting he’s assistant was ...view middle of the document...

Boot camp was tough, especial dealing with people of different backroom. But every one became as a family doesn’t matter it was Chinese, Colombian, Puerto Rican, Black, etc.; everyone was one unit, on most military phrases is always “one team, one fight”. Then graduation day, I was so excited for the first time I going to see my daughter, when the time came I could hold myself, I was so thankful to God, for give this chance and for giving me two beautiful children, but the happiness end soon. But the time I left my family in the hotel, I came back to the base I receive my first set of orders, to report to my future command, but the time I reported to my command I didn’t know, my unit was getting ready to deploy for six months cruise.
At that time I didn’t know how this cruise’s was planning, but soon I find out, lucky me six month away from my family again; the only thing I was thinking is just to spent every single second, minute with my family and my two kids until the day for me to go. That day came for me to leave, with a strong look but with the only sadness inside, I just said bye to my wife and my kids, with no turn around and try to look at my wife face, I could imagine with the tears on her eyes, I just left. My first cruise was the hardest one, but I the same time I knew I coming home to my family.
After that my military career was growing, I visit some countries, eat different types of meals. After that life in the military was getting easier, for but always thinking the best for my family. During the attack of the twin towers on September 2011, I was in the middle of training at the sea with the unit getting ready for deployment for a month; soon we hear that news, it was no turn around...

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