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“My Mission Trip To Jamaica” Essay

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In tenth grade I was enrolled in conformation class at my parish church. This was the first time I had really started getting involved with my Church parish. The big event everyone was talking about for the upcoming summer was the mission trip to Jamaica. My first thoughts about this trip were to stay away from it. I found myself not wanting to get involved with a huge event like this. Leaving the United States is something that I have never done before. A whole week away from home is something that scared me at the time. I kept it in the back of my head throughout the year and the time came to make my decision. The decision I made would, without me realizing it, change my life forever. ...view middle of the document...

They split up into the different homeless shelters around the city and began doing their part. Each brother had a chore to do around the shelter. They put so much hard work into the shelters for the people who were inside them. They started telling us about how the people in these shelters were disabled. Almost all of them had a disability and most of them were left on the streets. Some mornings the brothers would find these poor people on the front steps of a shelter, left there by family. Caring for these special needs is something most people can’t afford around those parts. After their hard day at work the brothers would end up back where they started. After all they go through each day, they come back happy. I started to realize just how greatly the brothers truly cared for these people. The brothers were the inspiration I needed to get myself involved with the people who needed my help.

Soon after settling in we got accustomed to the everyday life of the brothers. I woke up each day early to attend mass and soon after started doing my part. The first homeless shelter I visited was the faith center. I arrived to people who lived in the worst of conditions. I couldn’t imagine how I would get by living in conditions like these. The best way it can be described is that these people had only what they needed. They were given food and shelter. My first job was to clean the bedrooms of the residents. The rooms of the residents were littered with dirt and were without air condition. All the room contained was around twelve or so bunk beds. Aside from this building were other buildings looking as if they had their years of ware. Most of the residents I could tell right away were disabled. Some of them had fatal illnesses and others were mentally handicapped. During the day of chores and cleaning I did whatever I could to help out. I also met my fair share of residents who were blessed with less serious illnesses. One who stood out to me the most was a resident named Sheldon. Sheldon was in a wheelchair because both of his legs were amputated when he was a child. Sheldon had close to nothing yet was so happy. He had a smile on his face the whole time I was there. He told me how thankful he was for how we had come to help out. Sheldon was truly one of the most genuine and selfless of people I have ever met. Sheldon helped open my eyes and showed me how lucky I was to be in my position. After the day was...

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