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Contrary to popular belief, being a good doctor is about much more than simply completing surgeries, diagnosing illnesses, and prescribing medicine. For the best possible treatment, a doctor must analyze every piece of information. He must look at the patient’s medical history, consider their personal background, decide which symptoms are relevant to the problem, determine how reliable the patient is (mental state), and more. This requires greater skills than simply rote memorization from a medical book. As opposed to a routinized education, which drills a student to be good at a particular skill (like a machine), the liberal education that I have planned aims to create a ‘whole person’, one who is capable of analyzing any situation, identifying it’s problems, and proposing solutions. It will build the invaluable skills of creativity, critical thinking, ability to connect with others, and a spirit of inquiry, all of which will greatly enhance my future medicinal career.

Delving into my classes and theses with the mindset of teaching myself to think will generate exceedingly important medicinal skills. For example, analyzing literature will force me to come up with connections that are not readily apparent, building creativity and critical thinking skills, which are necessary to have in medicine. A doctor must be able to pick through and decide which information is relevant. He must decipher through medical history, personal background, which symptoms are relevant/important, and more. Enhanced critical thinking skills will immensely help me in completing those tasks. When enhanced critical thinking is combined with a general spirit of inquiry, the root cause of a patient’s illness can be determined. In many cases, the perceived cause of an illness is not the actual cause. Being trained to be inquisitive will cause me to question the ‘perceived’ cause, leading me to uncover the real culprit, which could very realistically end up saving someone’s life. Similarly, tapping into my brain’s creativity would allow me to shape new treatments for a patient whose original treatment did not work. Clearly, all of these skills, gained through my educational plan, will vastly enhance my ability as a doctor.

Additionally, my plan to spend an abundance of time...

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