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My Mom, The Leading Lady Essay

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I was in 4th grade and it’d been just a month since I turned ten. I’m in 8th grade now and the memory still haunts me sometimes as though it just happened.
I’d just gotten off the bus from school and was in a good mood, excited even because I had a field trip the next day. As soon as I walked in the door I was whisked away to run errands with my mom and it was just like any other day. Then she got a phone call in the car. It wasn’t unusual but this time when we pulled into a store’s parking lot she got out and asked me to wait. So I sat back and waited while she walked a little ways away to talk. When she came back to get me she was quiet and when we walked through the store and I begged her for all the usual toys and snacks she didn’t say no, she just put them in our basket and moved on. I didn’t notice that then, only when I relived the day later on did I realize all she’d done. When we finally got home she brought me and my sister up to her bedroom together and broke the news.
Our dad had died of a heart attack. Even though they were divorced at the time of his death I could tell it had hit her hard. After she told us it was as if a shield she’d been holding had crumbled and she had cried with us at her side. Now our mom was to fully take on the role of a single mother of two young children, not to mention our older siblings she still had to worry about with the oldest still in college and the other moving across the country. When I look back to these days after his death I begin to notice things my mom did for us that I mightn’t have even blinked at then. I didn’t realize yet just how much she did and is doing. After that I really looked closely at all that she does and decided my mom truly is my personal Michigan hero.
I feel as that many times my mom has put what she is doing to the side to help me. More times than many would expect. One time I noticed this was a few years ago. She’s a nurse and she had this job that required a lot of at home paperwork that she would spend hours doing at night. But she never hesitated to put it aside for a moment to help me with my homework or to show me the correct way to do something. It was the same with my sister. Even if she might not quite remember the subject as well she’d try her best to help before admitting defeat. This began to happen a bit more as my sister got into more and more advanced classes. However even then, my mom would do the best to point her in the right direction.
Outside of school related things I remember that when I was a little, little kid (because I am still fairly...

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