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A compass is a navigational device that points the operator in a preferred direction, whereas a moral compass refers to the moral direction of the individual. A moral compass is something everybody has and lives by. It helps assist in formulating decisions, and is based on morals and virtues. Good managers need a strong moral compass to have the ability to influence others to follow suit, and do the right thing. My personal moral compass is directed by foundational influences, sources, beliefs, and an analysis of the moral philosophies I follow. Just like the cardinal compass, an individual’s or organization’s moral compass must be consistent. Factors such as moral intensity, education, ...view middle of the document...

Sometimes people must learn from making mistakes. I no longer attend church, but many of the values I learned at a young age have stuck with me still today, including: do not lie, cheat, or steal, taking responsibility for my actions, forgiving others who have wronged you, and showing compassion for those in need. I have a strong sense of communitarianism for family and friends. I served in the Army for six years, and was put in situations where soldiers would have to rely on one another to do the right thing. Many times those situations were a matter of life or death. If I can’t rely on someone around me to do the right thing, then I don’t want to be around that individual. When someone is a member of a group, loyalty is one of the top virtues I believe in upholding. Education is another major influence and significant factor of my moral compass. From an early age we are taught the difference between right and wrong. And we are taught that repercussions are consequences for our actions.

Business social responsibility is a major function of organizational structure. If a company wants to gain a competitive advantage in the market, they must develop a leading initiative for better business for social responsibility. Government regulation is often established when a business performs irresponsible and the public outcry is great enough to make a difference. Organizations must act within the confines of the law, but many of times this isn’t enough. They must take the initiative to be constantly improving social standards. Anything a company does to improve society will in turn improve the business. The “Going Green” initiative is a growing bandwagon that all companies must jump on board. Not only does going green give off a positive public image that they want to protect the environment, it can also save them money. The three R’s, reduce, reuse, and recycle can save an organization a lot of money on raw materials, leading to cost savings and an overall competitive advantage. Sustainability is a practice that businesses need to instill throughout their entire structure. When a company performs unethically, whether or not it is legal, they are creating their own demise. With all the forms of social media, transparency is hard to hide, and when the public finds out what’s happening, they take their business elsewhere. Organizations with a strong sense of social responsibility build a solid reputation and a respectable public image.

What moral philosophies do I follow? Individuals within groups can have similar or very different philosophies on what is right or wrong. In order to debate, and resolve ethical issues, organizations need diversity among its member’s philosophies. I am an idealist. I believe we live...

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