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My Most Embarassing Day Ever Essay

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Dear Diary,
Today was the most embarrassing day of my life. I hope this will never happen to me again. Here’s how my day went.

I woke up this morning around 7:30am. It was the Grand Final day for my Under 17’s football side. We were undefeated. I was the full forward and so far I have kicked ninety seven goals. I need at least three more goals this game to get my first one hundred goal season. I was going through my normal Sunday morning football routine. Get up, eat breakfast (nine wheat bix and two glasses of orange juice) and get changed for footy. One of my superstitions is to wear the same footy jocks I’ve worn all season. Every game I have worn them we have won but for some reason today I completely forgot about them.

I got to the oval at around 10:30am and met my team so we could inspect the oval. We weren’t due to play until 1:30pm. In the meantime we just did a few practice drills and admired the weather. It was a perfect day for footy, no clouds in the sky, sunny and a soft oval. Does this get any better I asked myself? From there on it didn’t.

In the change room five minutes before we were due to play I realised I wasn’t wearing my lucky jocks. It didn’t bother me too much but then I remembered we haven’t lost a game with out them. So for this game I had to settle for my standard jocks.

The game had started and we were off with a flying start. At quarter time we were up by three goals. My teammates and I were...

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