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Firstly, increasing population and industrialization has led to an increase in environmental problems which require expertise in other to develop effective strategies to solving them. Currently, about 37% of the world population lacks access to improved sanitation, 12% of the global population lack access to improved drinking water source whiles another 12% is under-nourished. With the right environmental management strategies, all these problems will be effectively addressed. Again, global warming and climate change is another global problem which requires urgent solutions.
Secondly, before my undergraduate training, I learnt about the heat wave in the summer of 2003 that killed over ...view middle of the document...

This flooding affected the availability of safe portable water to people. Also in 2011, there was a major drought in Texas leading to a major loss of agricultural productivity. Again there is an increase in the prevalence of diseases due to land use changes.
GEM will benefit me by first giving me an insight into global environmental problems and how to implement ways to address them. Again, GEM will make me competent in geographical information management and also teach me how to apply GIS and remote sensing in environmental management and problem solving. Also, team-work, communication and leadership skills are some of the benefits I will derive from being enrolled in the GEM programme. Upon completion of GEM, I will have the required qualifications for employment into the public and private sector as well as other research institutes to apply my skills gained from GEM to help develop and manage systems for the proper management of the environment. Last but not the least, the multicultural nature of the GEM programme makes it even...

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