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My Motivation To Start College Essay

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Years ago, I never would have thought that I would be attending college. So much happened so quickly after high school that I just gave up on thinking that college was for me. Today, I hold my dreams in my hands. After much research, I chose Southern New Hampshire University as the school that I wanted to attend to pursue my degree online, due to the school’s high ratings, and flexibility of the online classes. I am on my way to earning an Associate Degree in Business Administration, which will give me a variety of career choices in a growing industry. I have a lot of motivation for going back to school which is to help further myself in my career, set a valuable example for my kids, and ...view middle of the document...

Once I get my degree, and eventually my dream job, I am hoping that I will have become motivation for my kids. I want to set a valuable example for my kids, by showing them how much going to college will help them once they are at that point in their life. I do not want them to think that they will do well without college, considering that their father and I are making it okay. I want them to have the same motivation that I have, so that they can start out with a great career. I strongly believe that “parents’ education has been noted as one of the very best predictors of students’ educational achievements” (Hahs-Vaugn, 2004, p. 486). I absolutely believe that my kids will see college as valuable when I have earned my degree, because I feel that since I am going to college, I will have a better influence on my kids. I waited almost fifteen years to start college, and I hope that I am setting a great example for them to start earlier than I did. I am looking forward to completing all of my courses and getting my degree, so that I can prove to them that having a degree will really help them. They have been great encouragement so far throughout my first term in college. I am very content due their encouragement, and it helps keep me motivated that my kids are excited for me, and telling me that I can do it. I just hope they have the same motivation when they finish high school.
When I was growing up, my parents did not talk to me about college, so I never really gained the confidence to attend college. There was so much negativity in my family, so I never really thought that I was good enough to go to college. I went almost fifteen years of my life thinking that I was not good enough to obtain a college education. I would have most likely gotten a lot further in a career, if I had attended college sooner. I started a job right after finishing high school, and then got so busy with life that the thought of college...

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