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My Music And Me Essay

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From trying to level your Discman in the air to avoid a song skipping, all the way to the convenience of hearing your music in almost any possible situation. There is no doubt at all that music players have come a long way to what they are now in our modern days. Not only did the creators of such devices help evolve the way we look at technology, but personally, it helped many people like me go from a tough time to a soothing one, from a dull experience into an inspiring and motivating one, and simply, a way out of reality. I dare say music players have become an essential and habitual part of my every day routine.

Every time I hear a soothing melody through my ear, I just cannot resist my ...view middle of the document...

Years later, carrying a portable music device became usual to me, and I was taking it everywhere. Unfortunately, problems started to surge up with my music player. The CD player wasn’t playing correctly, the device was skipping songs, and I had to carry additional CDs if a wanted to hear anything else, and the Walkman was too tedious to carry. As everything in life, I started to find problems in the object I loved. Rather than preventing me from causing any disturbance, I was complaining about its malfunctions. Alas, my parents didn’t know of any object that would resolve these issues.

Luckily years later, there was a new technological device being developed. Apple called it the iPod. This new apparatus hit the consumer industry really hard, and before you knew it everybody had one. Knowing how my parents are cautiously aware of finding the tranquility and solution of every situation, they saw this as not only a way to make me happy, but again a win-win situation that will benefit them in serenity.

Before you knew it, I had the Apple iPod. This device was so magnificent at the time; it was so complex yet so simple. You were able to have hundreds of songs within a little rectangular object the size of your palm.

At this point, I stook this mp3 player until this present day, but from that point on I started to change, and if it wasn’t for this object it would have been for the worse.

Transitioning from a child to a teenager is a tough process to go through, and speaking from the perspective from the child of divorced parents, it may be tougher, but let me re write my earlier statement, “If it wasn’t for this object it would have been for the worse”.

Divorce can be a very tough situation in which not only the people in the marriage could be affected, but also the children could be affected in a severe way....

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