“My Name Is Nobody”: Postmodernism In Derek Walcott’s “The Schooner Flight”

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Tales of journeys appear repeatedly throughout the expanse of literature; these sagas include the stories of Gilgamesh, King Arthur, and, more recently, The Lord of the Rings. Derek Walcott’s poem “The Schooner Flight” initially seems out of place amongst these surging legends of heroics and danger, yet through closer examination the poem flourishes as a postmodern retelling then deconstruction of the age-old heroic journey. The poem is a celebration of Greek mythology, a disruptive force against established binaries, and a question of what constitutes identity. The construction of the poem represents a contradiction, as it is a Homeric pastiche yet it defies the very nature of the customary heroic journey. However, this contradiction is in fact imperative to the understanding of identity within “The Schooner Flight”. Derek Walcott’s poem embodies postmodern techniques by composing a transient narrative that constructs a homage to the epic journey then simultaneously ruptures it to reveal disruption of the grand narrative and of the composition of identity.
Homer’s Odyssey and Walcott’s “The Schooner Flight” show striking similarities, and as Walcott’s poem is a postmodern piece, these similarities can be credited to the postmodern method of pastiche, which is “like parody, the imitation of a peculiar mask, speech in a dead language: but it is a neutral practice of such mimicry, without any of parody's ulterior motives, amputated of the satiric impulse” (Rose 18). In “The Schooner Flight”, the speaker, Shabine, states, “either I’m nobody, or I’m a nation” (Walcott 43). This statement refers to a moment in the Odyssey when Odysseus uses a pseudonym to trick the Cyclops, claiming, “My name is Nobody” (Homer 486). These parallel statements show the similarity between Shabine and Odysseus and illustrate Walcott’s borrowing of the hero motif from the Odyssey. The character of Maria Concepcion in “The Schooner Flight” is an imitation of the femme fatale motif of the Siren’s in the Odyssey. The siren image is echoed as Shabine sneaks away from Maria’s “dreamless face” (Walcott 4) in the early morning and hopes the neighbor does not wake Maria as she “don’t sleep hard” (13-14). Shabine’s attempt to escape without notice is similar to Odysseus’s attempts to avoid being entranced by the Sirens’ singing and meeting certain death. Shabine states that “Maria Concepcion was all my thought” (44), as she encompasses his mind like the Siren’s singing did to Odysseus (Homer 248-249). Walcott’s use of pastiche of the style and tropes of the Odyssey should presumably position Shabine as the hero in the poem, yet his heroic position is ultimately subverted through a postmodern upheaval of the grand heroic narrative.
At the same time the poem establishes a pastiche of the Odyssey, “The Schooner Flight” actually disrupts the grand narrative to focus on a more fragmented view. A main theme in the Odyssey, a theme common to many tales of heroic journeys, is nostos,...

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