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My Desire To Be An Early Childhood Special Education Teacher

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My Desire to be an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher

Imagine yourself to be a young child sitting in a classroom. The teacher has given instructions, and everyone is working, except you. You want to raise your hand, but are hesitant due to the fear of being laughed at. The teacher scolds you for not being on task, and for having to perhaps stay afterwards to catch up on your work. You feel ashamed and want to give up altogether. The teacher glares at you waiting for you to start your work. This example is one that I do not want to have my students experience in the classroom. I have the desire to become an Early Childhood Special Education teacher. I want to assist the child that feels lost, or does not catch on as quickly as the other children.

I want the nature of the students to be relaxed, and energetic. I want the children to be curious and involved in every aspect of the learning process. I hope that the students will learn through hands on activities, as well as group and visual lessons. The students in my class should feel that the classroom belongs to them as well as the teacher, and it is their learning environment. I hope they will learn any way that they possibly can, and share their experiences with others.

The nature of knowledge for the students should be relative. Especially in the Special Education classroom, the criteria should be based on the individual child. Each child learns differently, and those differences should be considered when teaching children with special needs. This method would allow the students to accept and appreciate their peers in an appropriate manner.

The purpose of education is to teach children at a young age not only academics, but morals as well. Children behave...

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