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Since I did my topic over world-building I have to say always an interest of mine to go along with this, and that happens to be 3-D Modeling. Creature design has always been a passion of mine, along with Sci-fi and Fantasy, my favorite thing in movies seeing the models of the creatures and other fictional objects in motion, the environment they are within almost seeming believable. Wondering how long it must of took them to do the concept work for the model before they started to make the body, the base for your or the rest of the team to texture, to rig, to animated, to light, before the final moments people get to see your hard work on the big screen, or watch eager gamers interact with your creations and be immersed into the world of your models.
Sculpting programs like ZBrush, Sculptris, Modo, Mudbox and others allow for even higher poly models than what a program like 3DsMax or Maya would allow. However even though not to say that those programs also don’t require skill. I do believe 3-D sculpting, requires even stronger knowledge and imagination on anatomy, along with attention to detail than normal modeling does. For example, fantasy creatures much like centaurs and dragons, despite being the staples of fantasy universes. Each has a unique structure depending on the artist overall knowledge of anatomy and what they believe would be functional. Ryan Kingslien’s, a professional 3-D modeler, video about centaur anatomy and multi-limbed creatures talked about how researching dinosaurs could help spawn new ideas for fantasy anatomy. Using ZBrush as the medium, he took note how, instead of scapula, he could fuse the scapula and pelvic girdles and use the bone as a section where the legs can attach to for the centaur, much like some dinosaurs actually had. (“Kingslien”) Anatomy is a passion of mine, so this notion has inspired me countless times which is why I think sculpting is more a viable medium for modeling fantasy creatures.
Speaking of creatures, I think any feat of pure awe-inspiring modeling would have to be from Pacific Rim. The fact they are inspired from real life animals and dinosaurs but are still unique in their own right is just amazing. ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) art director Alex Jaeger, texture supervisor Dave Fogler, and digital model supervisor Paul Giacoppo collaborated together to produce organic creatures. (“Fordham 64”) I’m even interested in hand sculpting much like what Del Toro commission for highly detailed maquettes as tactile reference for the Kaiju and Jaegers from his in-house creature props facility in Toronto and at Special Motion, a studio in Los Angeles. (“Fordham 64, 71”) Overall though, modeling in general I am interested in, I have always had a fascination with creating 2-D concepts and transferring them into a 3-D form to be used as props or as reference. Being able to do both makes it easier for people to visualize...

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