My Nightmare Original Writing Essay

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My Nightmare - Original Writing

It was Monday morning, my first day of babysitting. I wanted some
extra money and because it was the school holidays, I decided that
babysitting for my mum's friend (Elizabeth) was a good idea. I had to
look after baby John who was six months old between the hours of 9 and
4, Monday-Saturday, which I didn't mind doing because I loved kids.

Elizabeth, had moved away with her husband Steve, a few years ago
because of his job, but still they kept in contact. A few weeks ago
she moved back to live in our area because she had left her husband,
he was beating her. He had got so stressed out with his job, and
things did not work out as he had planned them too so he took all his
problems out on his wife. She came back to the same house she had
lived in before moving away and left him because she was afraid that
he would start taking his problems out on John, and she was not going
to stand for that. My mum helped Elizabeth to get back her on feet and
she was starting a new job so I offered to do some babysitting during
the day for her.

When Steve lived with Elizabeth I remembered him being like an Uncle
to me, he was a really kind man.

As I walked over to Elizabeth's house I started to think to myself
'how could Steve of beaten his wife, no matter how hard things got for
him he should not of done that.'

It didn't take as long as I expected to walk from my house to
Elizabeth's. When I arrived at the house, Elizabeth was standing at
the door waiting for me. She was wearing a red long sleeved top and
black pants, ready to go to work, she was a very organised person. She
welcomed me into her home and showed me around the house and gave me
instructions about John. She told me that if I was to leave the house
I was to lock all the doors securely because she was worried that
Steve might find her and John and hurt them.

Then about ten minutes later she left, leaving me to look after John.
My first job was to dress him then to feed John. Then I put him into
his pram and took him to the park, making sure that all the doors were
locked before I went out. When I returned a couple of hours later and
I put the keys into the lock I noticed that the door was slightly
ajar, I was sure I had locked it. At this point I was really afraid, I
stepped into the house, nothing had been stolen, nothing had been
moved, everything was how it had been when I'd left. I decided I would
not tell Elizabeth about what had happened because the more I thought
about it the more doubtful I was that I had actually locked the door.

A few days passed and John and I got on well, I really enjoyed looking
after him, he was well behaved.

Elizabeth always came home at 4.30 but this particular day she rang me
at 3.30 asking me if I would stay a few more hours because she wanted

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