My Nursing Journey And My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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My journey to nursing began with my personal healthcare experience, and has continued to evolve since entering the nursing program at State University. My personal philosophy of nursing is related my life experience and my personal philosophy of life. Using reflection-on-action, I have begun to understand the influences that have lead me to nursing. I discovered client and family centered care to be an important quality when I look at the influential nurses in my life. To develop a positive therapeutic nurse-client relationship, nurses must integrate all 5 dimensions of the therapeutic nurse-client relationship into their practice (CNO, 2006). When it comes to providing client-centered care, the dimensions of trust, empathy and respect are particularly important (CNO, 2006). Illness can be a traumatic experience for patients and their families, and it is important to be empathetic to the patient’s needs, while still trusting the patient to be an expert in their illness and care.
Client Centered Care
Client centered care is what creates the foundation for the therapeutic nurse-client relationships. The Registered Nursing Association of Ontario (RNAO) recommends that nurses embrace the values of respect, human dignity, client as expert, and clients as leaders, to foster patient centered care (RNAO, 2002). A study done at Coventry University found that there were serious implications to care that was not family-center. Effective communication plays a large role in how the care is perceived by families and patients. It is extremely important for clients to receive constant and continual information from their healthcare professionals (Beckwitt, 2014). Relaying critical, sensitive information is difficult, but when the care approach is family-centered, the dialogue is more open and satisfies patient needs (Coad, Patel & Murray, 2014). Including the client as an expert member of the team creates an enhanced quality of care (Coad, Patel & Murray, 2014). In pediatrics, parents are often at the center of the child’s care. When asked to define what made the client care experience positive, parents stated that sensitivity, empathy and honesty were key factors (Coad, Patel & Murray, 2014). Working in healthcare, nurses can become desensitized to difficult experiences because they deal with them daily. Integrating the client and family as part of the healthcare team, allows the nurse to see the patient and family as a people first. By avoiding using illness as context, and instead using person as context, care will be more holistic (Coad, Patel & Murray, 2014). A family-focused approach helps to ensure that the whole family feels a part of the experience and is valued. In the case of bereavement, family centered care is particularly important. If the family is not included in the care from the start, it can provide barriers for grieving and impact how the family deals with loss (Jones, Contro & Koch, 2014). Nurses have an opportunity to...

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