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My Nursing Theory Essay

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My Nursing Theory
While working as a C.N.A serving lunch to the residents of an assisted living facility, I experienced a significant life event that challenged me. I was in the smaller dining room, which was 1 C.N.A to 15 residents. As I was refilling coffee cups, one resident began coughing hard. At first I allowed them to cough up whatever had been stuck, but soon realized they were choking. This on resident was very confused, so I asked if they could talk and all he did was shake his head, continuing to cough the food out. I had been CPR certified, but never came across a situation where I was required to perform it. My heart was racing and my nerves had taken over my ability to think. I was the only C.N.A in that dining room, the other residents were staring at me, I had to take back control, and put my skills to the test.
Therefore, I told the resident that I was going to help him, and I began performing the Heimlich maneuver. After a few pumps, the piece of food that was stuck expelled from his mouth. As I was performing this skill, my nerves intensified and the thought of being unsuccessful were running through my mind. I couldn’t let this affect my performance, and once the skill was a succeeded, I was relieved. I was extremely proud that I was able to help him and that my performance was effective. Although my nerves had kicked in, I didn’t allow them to interfere with my performance. At that time, I felt more confident with my skills and ability to regain control of myself to help this resident. I submitted an incident report to the nurses and they were very pleased with my performance, which was very reassuring. I will never forget this experience because it reassured me to have confidence in my knowledge/skills, and that my performance was effective in helping the resident in need.
The theory I have selected is Roy’s theory of the adaptation. Roy believes that adaptation is a key component to achieving goals and getting through life in general. Personal and environmental changes are constantly occurring, and as human beings we must learn how to deal with those changes to benefit our well-being. Roy says that in order to keep up with the changes, we must figure out how to adapt and move forward. Roy defines person, environment, health, and nursing differently according to her adaptation model. “She suggested that persons can view themselves in relation to their purpose in the universe (Roy & Andrews 1999).” (Moreno, Duran, & Hernandez 2009). Having a purpose in life is what drives us to achieve goals. Roy’s defines the environment, “…as all conditions, circumstances, and influences surrounding and affecting the development and behavior of persons and groups with particular consideration of the mutuality of person and earth resources.” (Hannon-Engel 2008). So, everything in our environment from technology to social support has an effect on how we adapt to each.
According to Roy, “Health is viewed as a state and process of...

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