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My Observation Of A Science Class

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Field Book Essay In a science class teaching the teacher must use student centered approach to convey his or her ideas or teaching matters. I observed a science class on rocks and minerals. The teacher used a teacher centered approach with very little participation from the students. I do believe that children centered approach gives better opportunity for students to participate and learn. But the teacher used no motivational devises to stimulate interest. The objective of the lesson was to make the students able to identify 15 different types of rocks and mineral and the difference between them. The students learned to identify 15 different types of rocks and mineral and the difference between them. The two students Charles and William did not satisfy at the end of the lesson. There was no criterion about the effectiveness of the lesson. The teacher had a lesson plan and she got most of the content of the lesson from Internet sources. The teacher was free to set objectives. The objectives guided lesson planning. The evaluation was planned by using the verbal response of the students during the class. If I were the teacher I would use more of student centered approach to convince the students. The lesson was teacher-centered and did not encourage the students as much as needed. The students were not motivated at all to learn in this lesson. The climate was not feasible for learning that would have impacted motivation. The student centered approach would be beneficial and useful to the students or the participants of the classroom. Through continuous study and up-to-date Knowledge the teacher should remain current in their subject area field. As far as the teachers, professional development is concerned she must be well prepared and enthusiastic to teach the students so that the pupils get as much as they need. Student-centered instruction is at the heart of current research on how children learn. This approach allows kids to identify the paths they find most fruitful in constructing their scientific knowledge. Instruction is based on what children know and what they need to know, and children are encouraged to choose topics of study from their everyday lives, interests, and needs. By...

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