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My One And Only Hero Essay

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Cayla SauerEnglish CompositionDescriptive/Narrative EssayMy One and Only HeroIt was very rewarding to be on this earth with my grandpa. The memories and experiences that my grandpa taught me will live inside me forever. There was always a lesson to be learned when it came to him. This man, thankfully my grandfather, was always busy doing everything, having a great time, and fighting against all the odds of life. He was a blessing for anyone that he came into contact with. He always knew how to turn any frown upside down!My grandpa was the best grandpa any little girl could ever ask for. I could spend weeks just working around the farm with him, and be perfectly content. To be honest I never wanted to leave when it came time for me to go home. We were always doing something whether it was working on the snowmobiles, building something, or even just caring for the cattle. There was always something for me to do and help with, or at least I thought I was helping. He was the type of man that always found such great joy in teaching us grandchildren something new, fun, and exciting. I almost forgot about his beloved garden; it was one of his pride and joys. He always had it looking like the top notch gardens you see in magazines! We always went picking in the garden because veggies are the best when they come straight out of the garden. He would never let us wash the veggies off first because it was his motto that a little dirt won't ever kill you, it only boosts your immune system. He was my super hero who I looked up to so very much because he always had the kindest heart and lived life like there was nothing wrong. He also had this touch of a goddess because every time I would crawl up in his lap I would be sleeping in minutes, and he loved it because he could just sit in his reclining chair. It never failed! When Christmas time would roll around, we all loved being at the farm with him because he would make the best cookies ever. He always made the cookies from scratch and all of us would steal the dough from him when he wasn't looking. The aroma of the house was so amazingly scrumptious that half of the cookies made were always gone by the end of the night. He never made only one kind there were always about 20 different kinds of cookies and little desserts.We always went camping and it was never just a weekend it was always entire weeks at a time. Those weeks were always the best. Sitting around the campfire singing, making marshmallows, and talking with all of the friends that we made was how we knew life was good. I always loved the way my clothes would smell after an amazing campfire. Not to forget all the fishing adventures! There was never a dull moment when we went fishing because we are "the Sauer's" who always manage to either break something or get hurt. It never failed either my grandpa would hook someone or the boat would break down in the middle of the lake. We always had to row back in to land because my grandpa was to egotistical to...

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