My Overall Work Ethic Essay

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Missions and Value Training

This training mapped out the company’s approach to the way business will be conducted. This course was completed as required.

S3 DSR Certification Training

I attained certification to facilitate the S3 Direct Sales Course. This course teaches selling value over offers.

Document Retention

The document retention course which focused on properly securing documents has been completed.


I consistently provide open and honest feedback about what is necessary for us to be successful. Maintaining routine meetings to ensure that information is being filtered timely and messaging is clear helps ensure we are all on the same page. I become certified to train the S3 sales course which was developed on the premise of selling value. This technique was often implored as the team took part in All Homes Passed initiatives. Overall my team concluded the year with very respectable average of 40% phone sell-in along and an outstanding 75% HSD ratio.

Team Work

I am an advocate for a “free thinking” work place. I consistently create a cohesive working relationship with my peers, direct reports and external channels. I solicit feedback for the purpose of strategic planning and best practices. Encouraging a collaborative environment makes people fell they are a central part of the process and increases their desire to succeed.


Providing superior customer service is a top priority for me. My expectation that all customers issues are brought to me immediately is always enforced. I insist that my team places the same importance on their follow through with ensuring that their sales get installed. While we saw a decline in all areas of business the team averaged a weekly connect average of 9 installs and 3 phones.


With in increase in competition our ability to gauge the individual needs of our customers and make the appropriate recommendation is vital. I am proactive in ensuring that everyone stays abreast of the plethora of products; along with features and benefits provided through our bundled packages and ancillary option. As a team 27% of their total install were...

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