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My Overprotective Parents Essay

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I must clarify that one of the biggest problems I have in this age is the time I go out alone without my family. When I was younger my family used to let me go out more, this is because now that I've become a teen the dangers and harms have increased. My parents have now become hard -persuading because of all the things they hear from other people and the society, thus this affects a negative effect because they start following their advices. They let me go out, but if tardiness occurs they start freaking out and yelling and screaming. After we've moved from Lebanon to Syria, things were starting to look bright then however many things changed and the problems started to get clear. This is for a lot of reasons which I think are unreasonable and unfair.
First, it is true that they let me go out with my friends to a certain place at a certain time. This is because they don't like me to go out in the streets at like around 9 o'clock, they think it's too late except for when it comes to parties and internal events. Generally, they don't allow me to go out in the streets alone at that time because of the people that might cause harm to me. They have a right, and it is true that a lot of deaths and other mishappenings have been going on around the world. On the other hand, what I mostly find exaggerating is the fact that they don't understand that I am a responsible mature adult that knows what's wrong and right in life. They still think that I'm the little girl who doesn't know any of the dangers of the world, when deep down I know them. When I go out with friends, it's usually in the afternoon and that's when they let me, but if I'm late for like an hour, then there's a hurricane going in the hours for that and for a stupid fact that they state every time which is irrelevant.
The second fact that associates to my problems is that they always tell me that because I always go out, this is affecting my grades. On the contrary, that's not true at all because I balance the time for fun and for studying. My parents exaggerate a lot, and they don't realize that what they are doing to me is just nonsense but I guess they won't now but when they become older. I study more than I go out when it comes to tests, when it's exams time I never go out I stay at home for about two weeks because I take it seriously. When I get low grades, the first thing they say is that I'm too outgoing and I only think of having fun, I argue with them for hours because of this and they still...

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