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My Own Amusement Park Essay

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“Hold it tight!” My father started driving the cultivator fast and I started feeling the fresh chilly air. Even though my rear end was getting sore, it was very thrilling, especially when we passed through a stream nearby. This is where I was born in, countryside of Jeju Island. Whenever fall came around, my parents and my grandmother prepared to harvest white radishes. They repaired the bamboo blinds, the radish cutters and the handcarts. Before I entered the kindergarten, my joyful playgrounds were my parent’s white radish farm and a storehouse. I had an unforgettable time with a cart racing, a safari and radish riding there.
Cart racing was my first game I did everyday on the farm with ...view middle of the document...

It was a small compliment, but I really liked getting praised at that time. I felt like I was a big cheese, so I tried to work and race much faster and faster. On the other hand, we enjoyed the way to the radishes again. There were some “boripogu trees” which had hundreds of berries on them and some insects on the ground we didn’t afraid of. They were our snacks and playthings. We were cheetahs when we ran toward my father, but snails when we inched back.
Interestingly, there was a scary alligator near my dad, so I felt like I was in a safari. Its mouth was very big and two teeth were sharp and glittering. It looked like an endless taking alligator when it started to open its mouth and shut. The mouth was not that big as compared with its body, but it was too strong to eat the whole farm. All pale-faced rabbits were disappeared around it. There was a wall between me and it because I was too young to be brave in front of it and my parents forbid me from it. Was it really an alligator? Of course not. It was not a scary alligator, but a cutter for white radish. All radishes were julienned by the cutter and ready to lie down on sun beds. It was a tragic for me to see the moment because one of them was a man and some of them were faces. Besides, there was hearsay that a farmer in my hometown had cut his fingers or a hand by the machine. Therefore, I stepped aside and looked over it sometimes, not being able to contain my curiosity. My dad was very brave and a great handler. He was able to shut its mouth at one go without hurting himself. On the other hand, spreading julienned radishes was not my job at that time because it needed a certain skill to do it. My grandma was in charge of it. It seemed easy, so I couldn't understand why she asked me to work at the radish farm, not the windy hill. My sister and I sometimes pestered grandma for doing it and we achieved it. We spread them one by one to get compliments and self-contentment, but we were not able to finish a one bamboo blind full of radish. We used to sneak off the hill and nip boripogu branches off and pick fruits.
"Time to go home!" I really liked this sentence at that...

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