My Body Is My Own Business: An Essay On North America's Idea Of Female Beauty, How It Affects Women, And How The Media Contributes.

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For women, trying to live up to the standards of beauty in North America can be an extremely dangerous feat and is nowhere near an accurate depiction of a female's true beauty. By examining the norm of women's beauty in today's society, the dangers involved in achieving it and how false these standards actually are, one will understand just how unorthodox North American perfection has become.

Perfection is a dangerous word that has claimed the lives of countless women in North America. It has mutilated our youth and torn apart even the hardiest of females and yet it is still sought after like some sort of empowering drug. The most dominant attribute tied to a women's perfection is her beauty. And yet no matter how beautiful you are, it is still not perfect. This is the vicious cycle our society has created for itself through mass media and ridiculous expectations. It is horrifying to think what some of these women who strive to achieve this unattainable perfection go through. Blinded by the will of the masses, they go through pain and toil to reach an end of utter despair, and fail to grasp that what they seek lies within themselves and not through the eyes of the beholder.

In the modern world perfection is an often sought after goal, and unfortunately our elitist society grades women on this factor. Magazines and ads all depict beautiful, slim and luscious women who are an ideal shape and size of "the perfect women". Ironically enough even these women have had their pictures altered and adjusted to be more perfect, making them look 10 pounds lighter, adding color and taking away blemishes, etc. So just what is perfection? Obviously by the standards of all these corporations, perfection is something that no one can achieve short of divine intervention. And yet who are they to say what's what? Women are constantly influenced by the media and the community as if that's who they need to be...

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