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What are the obstacles to defining children’s literature?
According to Marah Gubar, “if you were to define children’s literature as literature read by children or young adults, any text could potentially count as children’s literature, including Dickens novels and pornography.” This could be a dangerous because most parents do not want their children to read pornography. Not all books labeled “children’s literature” were specifically written for children, they were labeled that way by publisher, editors or even the public. Who picks out what their child reads? Parents or guardians do, so books meant for children have to appeal to adults too. Therefore you really cannot define “children’s ...view middle of the document...

Pornography would definitely be content that is too adult in my opinion, however, someone else may decide otherwise.
Is it life experience?
Life experience could be a potential depending on the language, but at the same time they can write a book for adults that is more descriptive of life and kind sanitize it for children. There are books out that help children deal with different aspects of life. For example bullying, same sex parents, sexuality, and making life choices. These books can sometimes help a child understand that it is ok to be different and how to deal with a bully. So I would consider them educational.
Is it conflict or violence?
Some video games are more violent than what children read in book. Conflict does not have to be seen as a bad thing. Sometimes conflict in heritage or color can be useful because they portray the differences in people. They also help children understand what a conflict is and may help them be able to resolve a conflict themselves without the violence we have seen in schools as a late.
What about sexuality or sexual content?
Again this goes back to some books I would consider pornography may not be considered by some else the same way. As for sexuality, children who grow up in a same sex home may find books on this subject useful. Children who are trying to find their sexuality may find books on the subject that will help them feel comfortable about their sexuality. I would have to agree that books that are very explicit would not be good for children but every category of books can be...

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