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The Efficiency And Effectiveness To Recruit For An Organization

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According to Mondy (2008), “Recruitment is the process of attracting individuals on a timely basis, in sufficient numbers, and with appropriate qualifications to apply for jobs with an organization” (p.110). With organizations realizing their turnover rates, employee recruitment efforts have – of late – been a top priority for human resources (HR) departments. These efforts are key in job performance and the overall effectiveness and efficiency of an organization. The recruitment strategy implemented should be well thought out and organized in order to attract top performers.
Over the last fifty years recruitment strategies have evolved tremendously. From poster ads, employee referral programs, newspaper ads, job fairs, online job postings, to the ultra prevalent social networking recruitment systems. Just a few short years ago, as late as 2003, the preferred method of employee recruitment was through newspaper advertisements. Today, most organizations have shifted their job promotion platform from print to online portals such as internal web systems and social media platforms. As the economy improves and competition increases recruiting top performers will become more difficult. (Forbes) Add More.
Recruitment Sources
Recruiting is divided in two, internal recruiting and external recruiting. Recruitment sources explain where and how a potential candidate can be located, whether it is internally or externally (Mondy, 2008). Sources are categorized as follows:
Internal Sources
• HR Database - an internal tool used to qualify/dis-qualify current employees for filling open positions.
• Job Bidding – procedure used for current employees to apply for a job transfer.
• Employee Referrals – method used by current employees to recommend an associate or friend as a potential candidate for a job opening within the organization.
External Sources
• Employment Agencies – third party agencies used to recruit qualified applicants.
• College Campus Recruitment Campaigns – recruitment strategy used by the organization to find and attract new talent and the school to place students.
• Advertisements – placing an organization’s employment needs through public media resources.
Although the sources are very different, there are benefits to utilizing both recruitment types. Organizations considering their financial burdens favor internal recruitment efforts, as implementing such strategies reduce financial pressures such as advertising costs and recruitment agency fees. Typically employee turnover rate is reduced as well, “because applicants come prescreened for culture fit” (Mondy, 2008, p.115). External recruitment efforts are beneficial as well in regards to having a wide range of potential candidates to choose from. When an organization is in need of change, external recruitment efforts are favored, as new employees will contribute new ideas.

New Strategies
Many organizations treat recruiting as a one size fits all approach....

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