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My Paper

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My favorite game to play as a little girl was “House”. I remember at pre-school, kindergarten, or summer camp, that I was the first child to put on an apron and begin “cooking dinner” and refused to stop even after all the other children lost interest. I never restricted myself to one role. I was the loving mother, or the adventurous teenager, or even the annoying puppy that wouldn’t stop barking. Playing house allowed me to imagine a new world and be whoever I wanted to be. I was addicted to it. Nevertheless, there comes a time where one must put down the Barbie Doll, say goodbye to their imaginary friends, or stop playing House. Fortunately for me, that time has not come.
Acting allows me to continue fulfilling this desire to become someone else. However, I’m now conscious of the great potential to discover and portray that person more fully. For example, I had the recent experience of playing Eponine in a New Jersey theatre production of Les Miserables. As rehearsals transitioned to performances, it occurred to me that portraying this character had gone so much deeper than with past roles. Eponine’s age and the complexity of challenging issues she faces have parallels to those in my life. Not the same issues, but similar in their variety and signifcance. I just stumbled into this realization, but once I recognized what was happening, I was able to ‘become’ Eponine in a more authentic way. For me, this was the first time acting went beyond a pleasurable activity or a talent and became something personally meaningful. As performances progressed through the weeks each one became an opportunity to learn something new about Eponine and about myself.
Having performed in over thirty theatrical productions in the last seven years or so, I’m only beginning to understand the huge potential that exists between multiple performers engaging in this deeper level of character exploration at the same time. It’s taking my...

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My paper

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