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My Parent Trap Essay

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Does a child’s parent have a direct link to their development? During the early years, parents play a vital role on their child’s development. Their development depends on that parent’s attitude, aspirations, parenting style, and behavior. Children learn a great deal from their parents. Family life, family structure, and discipline also have a strong impact on a child’s development. Family is supposed to provide a variety of love and support; the way they do that can influence a child’s development. Peers serve many important roles in the life of a developing child. When you are around someone for so long you start portraying that same image. Children imitate what they see and hear, ...view middle of the document...

.. makes a smidgen of difference to what kind of adult the child becomes.” (The Parent Trap pg. 1, 1998) However, research indicates that the quantity and quality of love and support from their parents, and everyone else they feel is important, can greatly affect children’s development. Genetics and environment, which includes both peers and parents, interact in three different ways to develop behaviors and characteristics of a child.
My childhood would, in some way, contradict Judith Rich Harris’ argument that “what influences children’s development…is the way their parents bring them up…is wrong”. My parents are the reason I am who I am today. Not only did they affect me genetically but they also had a great impact on me mentally, emotionally, socially, and psychologically.
Aside from my appearance, I feel that many of the genes I did inherit, I’ve overcome. For example; my great grandmother, my grandmother, and my mother were all addicts. I have no interests in drugs and alcohol of any kind. My IQ is well above the both of my parents, who I might add, did not finish high school. Unfortunately, I know for sure I have a mixture of their personalities in a way. I am very sensitive but I can also get very upset. Some traits that I’ve inherited but not overcome may have caused difficulties with my social and emotional development.
Growing up, I preferred to be alone. I did have friends at school, maybe one or two. However, at home I usually locked myself in my room and played with my puppy or watched Law and Order: SVU. It wasn’t until high school that my development would’ve been affected by my peers. There is some truth in Judith Rich Harris’ statement, “The world that children share with their peers determine the sort of people they will be when they grow up.” If it wasn’t for my friends, I would’ve had a difficult time coping with a lot of situations. I must admit, I was usually the “influencer” throughout high school. It was easy to pressure people into doing what I wanted them to do. Peer pressure was not that much of an issue for me because I knew how to tell people no. I did indeed know what was completely harmful and what was just a little “wrong”. For example, a friend, after an hour, got me to ditch class. Ditching class didn’t hurt anyone. I wasn’t influenced by the latest styles or trends because I knew a great deal about self-worth. Besides, my family couldn’t necessarily afford all the expensive things most children my age was interested in. Income wasn’t a major developmental difficulty until my teen years.
My father had to work two jobs when I was 13 and was barely home. This affected me emotionally because there was no feeling of love and security. I felt neglected because the time he did spend home was either in his room or with his girlfriend. As a younger child my mother was a single-mom of 3 without much help from my father. My mother made sure we had everything necessary to live. She always had a car that got us to and from...

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