My Parents Are Ghosts Essay

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How many times have you wondered if ghosts exist? Well I did when I was young, do you want to know why? It started when I was six I noticed that my parents were getting stranger and more absurd I would also wonder if they were really my parents. They would make me go to bed every day at 7:00pm and get those really freaky stories of ghosts and would go out all night I never really thought about it until I was about 14 years when I had been thrown a birthday party by my parents they acted as if it was Halloween with all those Jack O Lanterns. They were the only people who dressed in their Halloween costumes, and had made me a cake with black icing and jam in the inside that looked like blood, of course I was disgusted. Who wouldn't have been?

All was going well when the doorbell rang. I checked my invitation list and all my friends were there, I then wondered who else my parents had invited as I went to open the door my father stopped me instead and opened the door himself. He talked to the person or people, outside but he wouldn't let me see who it was, He then said "okay" firmly and abruptly shut the door. He then went outside from the backyard taking mum with him. I slowly followed them. My heart started to pound faster and louder as I went closer to were they were heading. I opened the back door. Everything got darker and it wasn't even 6pm! The wind blew really fiercely through the trees. All of a sudden an owl started to hoot as the moon started to rise. Wolves started to howl; only the creator of mankind knew what was going to happen next.

I am so scared I don't know what's going to happen. Oh wait what's that,...

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