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Imagine a rather large canvas, comprised of millions of tiny dots that have been strategically placed to form brilliant shapes and shadows. Such is the technique of pointillism, created by nineteenth century artist Georges Seurat, where points of pure color are grouped together to give off the appearance of a solid figure. My absolute favorite of his works is the popular "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte", a large mural depicting a social gathering in a park setting. The artist's dedication to use this technique is truly inspiring and somewhat unbelievable. Nevertheless, this piece of art has inspired me to attain perseverance and work to achieve my goals.


I first saw this painting in May of 1999 when I was visiting Notre Dame for my sister's graduation. At first I thought that this painting was similar to all the others in The Art Institute of Chicago, but as I proceeded closer I realized that it was composed entirely out of small dots of paint. It was simply breathtaking. I had never seen this technique before, especially on such a grand scale. During this time I was experiencing severe artist's block and frustration. After spending seven years working with graphite pencils, I was started experimenting with oil painting. Not only was painting extremely difficult for me, but nothing ever turned out the way I planned; I was on the brink of quitting. However, seeing Seurat's painting showed me that dedication was important to get the results I desired. After all, if that man was able to...

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