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It was not until the early 2006 as I started working on robotics just out of my own interest and curiosity to pacify my eager mind. But as I started, I became deeply absorbed in this area and lately my focus on microgripper based on electrowetting principle is an influence of that. Since the early college time to the recent graduate years I have studied and worked on robotics, electrowetting, microfluidics for energy harvesting, CFD for particle separation and gradually discovered my inclination toward those topics. As my final goal is to achieve a PhD degree I will happily take the opportunity to work closely with Dr. Ruina’s Biorobotics and Locomotion lab, Dr. Lipson’s Bio-inspired robots or Dr. Kress-Gazit’s group. Also at the graduate school as I have sufficient exposure to MEMS devices and microfluidics I found Dr. Erikson’s optofluidics for energy harvesting, biorobotics and Dr. Kirby’s micro/nanofluidics, Lab-on-a-chip researches challenging and will gladly utilize the research opportunity if available.
My proclivity towards engineering probably sparked from the Einstein quote “Everyone is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will spend its whole life believing it is stupid.” When I read this quote I eagerly tried to discover my talent. Then it readily flickered inside of me; the ecstasy of studying mathematics, physics, and technology hour after hour was my endowment and enjoyment. Although, I love to study and am eager to learn about new things each and every day, topics like literature, sociology, and history make me want to hide under a rock. So it wasn’t a surprise as I choose to be an Engineer. Because, when I study through the various field of engineering, everyday is like a holiday; I never get bored.
While choosing to study engineering, it was an honor to have the opportunity to be accepted into Bangladesh’s top university for engineering education. I worked with and stood alongside the utmost genius, enthusiastic, dedicated classmates, professors, and scholars of my country with whom I participated in course work, brainstorms, problem analysis, and completed projects using hands on engineering knowledge. I developed my basics of Mechanical Engineering, programming skills, CAD modeling among these brilliant people. Although I felt little interest studying other subjects, I was passionate about spending time with coding in new languages, learning distinct CAD software, simulating electrical circuits on different platforms which resulted average grades in humanities, arts, and production engineering courses. Nonetheless, I was happy to be among the top 30% as I was more interested in working for the A’s in my subjects of predilections.
With my craving desire and inclination for learning about these subject areas, I was willing to do something new, something different. Fortunately, I met with some similar minded people during my sophomore year and went on to building my first ever obstacle avoiding...

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