My Paths Into Law Enforcement Essay

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My Paths into Law Enforcement
There are many different career paths that make up the professional field of Law Enforcement in this country and around the world. It has been a dream of mine to be part something that is bigger than myself, that offers the opportunity to help the community I live in. To me, Law Enforcement offers me that chance. It is also the closest thing to the military that I believe will allow me to put to use what I have learned and experienced from my time in the U.S. Army. Finding the right fit for my skills and knowledge is a challenge that I look forward to. The research into the different fields of Law Enforcement provided me with a better sense of what I have to look forward to and what I believe to be the best fit for myself, and my family .
The U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command (CIC) is something that would be a great fit for me, but not necessarily for my family, at least not at this time in our lives. It involves many days away from home and I would be in some of the most dangerous place on the planet. Not that I mind being there, but my family would worry and I have already put them through that type of situation before, and I am not willing to do that to them again .
The CIC has been around since the Civil War and it used to be called the Criminal Investigation Division (CID), and at times it is still referred to as the CID. It is headquartered at Fort Belvoir, VA. It is part of the Army’s Military Police Corps. Its investigators are called “Special Agents ”. The Army is a highly mechanized force and so the CIC units must be able to keep pace with the units being supported. One of the most important aspects of being a CIC agent is keeping up with the training. It is expected and usually mandatory that special agents maintain the highest levels of technical, tactical, and personal training proficiency. There are three general categories of training for CIC personnel: 1. Investment – Investment training provides new agents with training within their primary roles and also provides experienced agents with more advanced training and supervisory training as well. Some examples of investment training are all U.S. Army Military Police School courses, Child Abuse Prevention and Investigative Techniques, Crisis/Hostage Negotiations, and Combating Terrorism on Military bases. 2. Sustainment – This is really a refresher on what was taught at the Investment level. Most of this training is received at the unit level and is meant to maintain individual proficiency and keeps personnel current in the latest developments within their areas of responsibilities. Mentorship is a crucial sub-task of Sustainment. It involves experienced senior personnel who help junior or new personnel in the office to do their jobs successfully by sharing their experiences and guiding them towards the right direction. 3. Specialty – Some agents can apply for and attend specialized training is fields, areas or skills. They can attend...

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