My Peaceful Home Essay

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A warm tropical place, where the breeze is sweet and you could hear the hills sing when the morning sun would peak its sleepy head over the night sky. My home, the home of the Idgo1, my people.
I remember my life as it once was, a life of joy and yet forbidden love. I was only 13 when my life changed, the year was 1780 2 in this year my family and I would be taken in to slavery by the “Wachizugu” 3 (white man).This is my story throw the eyes as a princess trapped in a arranged marriage.
“Mama”, I am only 13. I want to go to school, I have dreams, I have wishes.
As I hung my head in anguish my heart heavy with sadness and thoughts. My true love was a boy my own age, yet a boy who from birth wasn’t meant to be a king. I loved him and what a love we shared secretly.
As my mother held me in her arm telling me how special I was, and what honor I would bring to my family. Adisa you are a princess, she said. This is your destiny. Who knew those words would haunt my for the rest of my life. I miss my mother and Father so much, I dream about my mother. She in her long blue dress she wove herself. My strong noble Father chewing

Randell 2
Tobacco, as he did his metal work4. I often imagine showing my how to handle the brass folding and heating it, I could hear his laugh if I close my eyes and think hard enough.
My mind was so clear yet so confused the night of the ceremony my young fragile body raped in Kente cloth my hair braided with White Sea shells as diamond’s simmered off my smooth dark skin. At that moment I understood my position a princess, soon to be Queen to an unknown kingdom. That night I stood gazing at the ocean, the way it flowed so effortlessly, emotionless yet carrying so much energy releasing on impact. My 13years of living would soon face the hardest challenge yet. As the night fell over the land I grew more and more at ease with my situation until the smell of something burning under took all of my senses, suddenly I heard my people screaming, I rushed to see what...

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